Shopping List Testimonials

“This was the best money I spent all year. I felt more reinvigorated than I could have hoped or imaged. Our society conditions mothers to put themselves last and feel guilty when they don’t. I was hard on myself when I signed up, thinking it was frivolous and could be a waste. I was so wrong. The ripple effect of seeing you invest in me through a thoughtful selection of clothing made me also invest in myself. I would ramble on and on but to sum it up: when you don’t feel like your wardrobe represents the real you or your real potential it’s hard to keep your emotions positive throughout the day.”

— Megan B.

“Seeing this in my inbox this morning made me feel like Christmas had come early!! I LOVE what you picked out, and I don’t think I would have chosen any of it on my own – a major success. You were so thoughtful about creating a cohesive collection of versatile pieces that suit my lifestyle. I feel like the list really reflects my responses to the survey but also empowers me to try new shapes and color combinations.

I had some free time earlier and paid a visit to J. Crew. The pink midi skirt is even prettier in person, and I now own it in addition to two of the turtlenecks and the amazing velvet body suit! I’m excited to keep exploring my shopping list. I’m bound to look put together but never boring.”

— Isabella B.

So when I signed up for this, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew that I loved your ability to pull together outfits and I was in this weird stage of not knowing what I liked any more. I felt like none of my clothes fit super well anymore and getting dressed was uninspiring. I’ve always loved clothes and fashion, so wearing leggings and tee shirts everyday was starting to bum me out, but I wasn’t sure how to break out of my funk. I’m also finally in a career I love & my kids are getting older, plus I’m in my 30s now and trying to figure out what that means for me style-wise.

Enter the shopping list, which literally made me cry when I opened it. I remember not being sure if I gave enough detail or explained where I was at well enough, but you somehow were able to pull together clothes that felt like who I am now and who I want to be. You did so much work to make sure you picked pieces that fit into my life, budget, and goals. I was honestly blown away by how much value I got out of this and how deeply you cared about finding the perfect pieces for me. I’m literally planning my budget for the next month based around ordering every single piece you picked for me.There was even a jumpsuit I have been eyeing that you picked for me, so it really showed you did your research to see what I would like and what would fit in with where I want to go with my style. Not only am I excited to add some new pieces to my closet, I feel like it inspired me to pull out those things I love and stop relying on leggings every single day. I’m feeling confident again and that’s not something I ever expected when purchasing the shopping list. I am so grateful I went with the shopping list and plan on doing it again when my closet needs a refresh. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

— Heather W.

Workbook Testimonals

“The Feel Good Dress Better Workbook revolutionized my world, truly. When I first purchased it summer was just beginning and, having recently gone through some major changes, so was a new era of my life. I was in need of realigning the pieces of my daily world with the new me — I just didn’t know it would happen through my closet!

Each chapter of the FGDB workbook is on its own worth the price you pay for the entire thing! Nicole walked me through what pieces of my wardrobe I could still utilize and made me feel good, and which ones it was time to say goodbye to. Then came her awesome suggestions for how to organize my closet in order to easily find the items I needed each morning (life saving). From there I was walked step by step through identifying and defining my personal style, and given a method for experimenting with new outfits in a way that set me up to feel exactly the way I wanted from morning to evening. And that was just the first two chapters!

I could go on and on about how each and every chapter transformed how I felt about myself at the same time it was transforming my closet. And that’s not to mention the support, advice, and cheerleading I received from the amazing FGDB Facebook group. The best part is that this workbook lives in my bedroom now, and I’ve utilized it over and over again with each change in season or when I just need a shake up. The value is unbelievable. Don’t let anything stop you from getting your hands on this workbook!”

— Kristy H.

“As a plus-size girl, fashion was always something I shied away from. Something that felt out of my reach. Feel Good, Dress Better taught me that having a personal style and feeling good in your clothes is not only possible, it’s enjoyable! From figuring out what I have and what I need to discovering what I actually like, it thoroughly and expertly taught me the ins and outs of curating a closet that looks and feels like me in the best way. This workbook helped me analyze my wardrobe in a way that was accessible and fun and finding out that I can like what I wear and feel confident in my choices was such an eye-opener!”

— Mindy S.

“Feel Good, Dress Better has transformed the way I look at the clothes both living in my closet + seeking to live in my closet. Getting dressed in the morning seems more like a ritual or like putting on a uniform that I get to completely customize.”

— Chelsea F.