Self-Paced Style Workbook

Self-Paced Style Workbook


The Feel Good, Dress Better workbook is a 90-page self-paced manual that translates your lifestyle into your personal style. The workbook walks you through how to curate the best of your closet, identify the gaps, and fill those gaps with intentional purchases. Through this process, you become aware of your own style, and getting dressed becomes intuitive.

This workbook is designed to be revisited as necessary. A change in season, job, weight, or style can all call for another spin through the workbook to help you out of a style rut and back on track to the sustainable closet of your dreams.

Workbook owners will also be added to the private Feel Good, Dress Better community Facebook group where other users share their journey through the book as well as closet updates and outfit inspiration.

What’s In The Workbook

Chapter 1

Before we start shopping, or even define your personal style, we’ve got to know what you’re working with! The best way to do that is to get into your closet. In this chapter, you’re going to take stock of what you have, get rid of what doesn’t work, and put everything back in a way that makes getting dressed both easy and enjoyable.

Chapter 2

This next section is all about identifying your personal style. By looking back at what remains in your closet after Chapter One’s clean-out, you will learn not only what you are attracted to in clothing, but why. At the end of this chapter, you will create a Personal Style ID that will help you be more discerning when it comes to shopping and putting together outfits.

10-Day Outfit Challenge

This challenge is all about aligning your closet with how you want to feel to help you get dressed based on what you want to portray to yourself and others in your clothes. Using an assortment of feelings-based prompts (e.g. Cool + Confident, Feminine + Approachable), you will get dressed each day by tapping into your intuition.

Chapter 3

Up to this point, you’ve focused on what you’ve got. In this chapter, you’re going to shift your focus to what you don’t! Your closet is a living, growing collection. Using your experience doing the 10-Day challenge, it’s time to start building your shopping list.

Chapter 4

It’s time to go shopping! With a handy shopping diary and the help of some pre-shopping tips, tricks, and pep talks, you will venture out into your favorite stores to try on clothes and hopefully add a few new pieces to your closet.

Chapter 5

Now that you’ve begun to add to your closet, it’s time to learn to integrate those pieces into actual outfits. Another getting dressed challenge and a new set of styling prompts will help you feel in control of styling your new purchases so that no article of clothing hangs in your closet unworn.

*Please note that this product is a digital download that you may either print or use in Adobe Reader.

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